Semi Truck Accident Cases

Q: What is the difference between an ordinary car accident and a trucking accident?

In many ways, ordinary car accidents and truck accidents are similar. Trucking accidents often cause more damage and more often involve fatalities.  Trucking cases are typically more complex and involve unique accident reconstruction issues.  In addition to local and state traffic laws, Semi trucks are also subject to a complex set of federal safety regulations.

Q: What are commercial trucks?

Commercial trucks include a wide variety of commercial vehicles including those known as semi trucks. “Eighteen wheelers,” and smaller vehicles, like delivery trucks, tow trucks, deliver vans etc.

Q: Why do truck accidents occur?

Trucking accidents occur because of many of the same reasons ordinary car accidents occur, like driver error and violations of traffic laws.  Trucking accidents also happen because of driver fatigue, driver inexperience, failure to follow safety regulations and equipment failure.

Q: Should I file my claim against the trucking company and the truck driver?

In most cases, both the trucking company and the driver are named in an insurance claim or lawsuit for injuries due to a truck accident.