Victims of DUI/DWI & Dram Shop Cases

Drivers impaired by the consumption of alcohol or drugs are responsible for countless injuries and deaths on our roadways.  These impaired drivers are unable to safely operate their motor vehicles. Lowered reaction times, blurred vision, and poor coordination put everyone on the road at risk of injury. 

Victims of DUI and DWI that are not killed can be left with broken bones, burns, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, internal bleeding, organ damage, and brain damage. 

Many victims do not realize that if a drunk driver causes a crash, there may also be claims against a bar, restaurant, liquor store, or individual that overserved or sold the alcohol driver.  These claims are called “Dram Shop” claims.  Dram Shop is a legal term referring to a bar, tavern, or the like, where alcoholic beverages are sold.  The following is a common scenario in a Dram Shop case:

Bartender pours too many drinks to an obviously drunk adult customer.  Customer gets behind the wheel of his car and he hits another car on the highway.  The driver and passenger victims of the car that was hit now have claims for their injuries against the drunk driver AND ALSO against the bar that overserved the drunk driver.

The lawyers of Quintana Law are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal representation and seeking justice on behalf of victims of DUI and DWI.  We will seek compensation from the drunk or impaired driver and any Dram Shop Defendants if the facts of the case support such claims.  


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